Thursday, May 24, 2007


We are delighted to welcome the summer with Galatea Resurrects' (GR) sixth issue. I never expected this project to last this long. But it's fitting since Poetry is timeless, which is why GR is open to reviews of all poetry projects and not just new releases -- an invitation taken to heart by J.O. LeClerc's review of the oldest book to be reviewed to date by GR: Frank O'Hara's 1964 collection, LUNCH POEMS!

GR is an all-volunteer operation--and I'm delighted its momentum continues to be healthy, as shown by the following stats:

Issue 1: 27 reviews

Issue 2: 39 new reviews (one project was reviewed twice by different reviewers)

Issue 3: 49 new reviews (two projects were each reviewed twice)

Issue 4: 61 new reviews (one project was reviewed thrice, and three projects were each reviewed twice)

Issue 5: 56 new reviews (four projects were each reviewed twice)

Issue 6: 56 new reviews (1 project was reviewed twice)

Of these engagements, the following were generated from review copies sent to Galatea Resurrects:

Issue 1: 9 out of 27 new reviews
Issue 2: 25 out of 39 new reviews
Issue 3: 27 out of 49 new reviews
Issue 4: 41 out of 61 new reviews
Issue 5: 34 out of 56 new reviews
Issue 6: 35 out of 56 new reviews

So I continue to encourage publishers and authors to send in review copies. Reflecting the logistical support of the internet, reviewers from around the world are paying attention. For information on submission and review copies, go check out Galatea's Purse.


Your editor is "blind" and so there can be typos or other errors in the presentation of the articles. Please feel free to let me know. Given Blogger's format, I can easily make corrections to the engagements.


And then there's the GR constituency who reads each issue as a metaphor for my dogs' lives. Well, the latest is that, here in wine country, I've began to consider labels for my future Galatea wines. In the wonderful tradition of Mouton Rothschild offering the images of artists on their labels (and Tsk, tsk, by the way, to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco for censoring Balthus), what would you think of this image of Moi and Achilles, painted by Clare Rojas:

Achilles really does paw at my hand like that! So that would be the front label. And on the back? But of course, poems! Would have to be short poems, perhaps the hay(na)ku. But poems for sure! Meanwhile, here is Achilles chasing Gabriela through the vineyard--ah, the ecstasy of happy dawgs!

Dog Poetics really is relevant to Galatea Resurrects. Because dogs are pure Love.

With much Love, Fur and Poetry,

Eileen Tabios
St. Helena, CA
May 24, 2007